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What Is The Best Wedding Venue In New Zealand?

Planning your wedding is an unforgettable and exciting experience, however choosing a venue can be extremely difficult. With breathtaking scenery and beautiful views, New Zealand has many spectacular wedding venues on offer. Hanmer Springs, Auckland and Rotorua offer incredible venues for a dreamy wedding destination. With each venue offering their own unique charm, the biggest challenge will be deciding which one you like best.

Hanmer Springs: A Romantic Setting Amongst Nature

Located on the eastern coast of the South Island, Hanmer Springs is well-known among tourists and locals alike. With jaw-dropping landscapes and relaxing hot springs, it’s no surprise that the town sees thousands of visitors each year. Hanmer Springs Retreat offers a romantic escape for those wishing to exchange their vows in a venue among beauty and grandeur. 

Whether it be the snowy mountains, beautiful forests or immaculate rivers, you’ll be surrounded by unmatched scenery for your wedding in Hanmer Springs. Hanmer Springs Retreat offers options for everyone’s tastes, whether you’d like a grand event or a small celebration with close loved ones.The relaxing environment and tranquility of the location makes Hanmer Springs Retreat a favourite venue among our guests.

Auckland: A Vibrant Celebration

Being the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland offers a cosmopolitan and lively setting to tie the knot. The beautiful waterfront, diverse culture and urban sophistication makes Auckland a popular destination for weddings within New Zealand. Airport Gateway Hotel offers a perfect location for your Auckland wedding. By being nestled between many local churches, you won’t have to travel far to attend your dream reception.

Airport Gateway Hotel provides a chic and modern location for you to tie the knot. With its proximity to the airport for out-of-town guests as well as accessibility to many entertainment options, you and your guests can keep the party going all weekend long. With its abundance of accommodation, culinary, entertainment and activity options, Auckland is the perfect destination for a memorable and vibrant wedding.

Rotorua: Beauty and Cultural Significance 

Located within New Zealand’s North Island, Rotorua offers rich heritage, geothermal activity and stunning scenery. With the city’s endless natural wonders and the vibrant Maori culture, it’s no wonder visitors flock to the popular destination all year round. VR Rotorua Lake Resort offers an unforgettable wedding experience nestled among the shores of Lake Rotoiti. Imagine exchanging or renewing your vows overlooking the beauty and grandeur of the lake in a place that holds endless cultural significance.

VR Rotorua Lake Resort offers a unique and beautiful wedding venue for those looking to experience the true essence of what New Zealand has to offer. The enchantment of the setting will leave your guests feeling amazed by the jaw-dropping scenery. If you’re seeking a wedding venue within a city of cultural significance that displays the allure that New Zealand has to offer, VR Rotorua Lake Resort is the perfect choice. 

Choosing The Best Venue For You

Deciding on the venue for your big day is a challenge for most people, but is ultimately up to the atmosphere and setting you have in your vision. Whether you would prefer nature, the vibrance of a big city or scenery mixed with cultural heritage, New Zealand venues have something for everyone. Make an effort to visit the venues that resonate with you the most to consider the options that would suit you best as a couple.

Hanmer Springs, Auckland and Rotorua all represent fantastic options for couples looking to get married in New Zealand. Each venue offers its own distinct charm in order to create an unforgettable wedding experience. Whether you’d like the scenic nature of Hanmer Springs, vibrancy of Auckland or the beautiful landscapes and culture of Rotorua, wedding venues in New Zealand have something for everyone. So, start researching and exploring the beauty of New Zealand to get set up for the wedding of your dreams.

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