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10 Unique Wedding Theme Ideas For Your Special Day

Your wedding day is a special and memorable event where you and your partner can express your personalities whilst celebrating your love. Although many may opt for traditional weddings, some couples may lean towards something more unique. By employing the help of a wedding planner, you can create your own bespoke celebration to make your day as personalised as possible. Whether you’re looking for something to show off your love for films or your passion for adventure, we’ve got an idea for everyone.

  1. Vintage Romance: Take yourselves and your guests back to a previous era. Whether it’s lace, antique decorations or pastels, it will bring about a sense of nostalgia for those attending. To add a personal touch, dot old photos of you and your partner as well as family trinkets around the venue for your guests to admire.
  2. Enchanted Mountains: Turn your wedding into your dream fairytale with an enchanted mountain theme. Host your ceremony in a venue surrounded by beautiful ranges, such as VR Wedding’s Hanmer Springs Retreat. Complete the look with twinkling lights and lanterns for a cosy, magical feel. This theme is perfect for couples who love nature.
  3. Bohemian: Those with a free-spirited nature are perfectly suited for a bohemian wedding. Make your wedding day comfortable and relaxed with flower crowns and contrasting decor. Delve into all the beautiful colours and soft fabrics.
  4. Travel: Whether you met overseas or enjoy taking trips together, combine your love for each other and travel by hosting a travel themed wedding. Pick a venue in a touristy destination, such as VR Wedding’s Rotorua Lake Resort. Decorate the venue with globes and souvenirs. Name each table after your favourite destination, and send out invites in the form of “boarding passes” for something different.
  5. Masquerade Ball: Get your guests involved by hosting a masquerade themed wedding. Encourage everyone to attend donning elegant masks, and decorate the venue with dark and sleek decor. This theme is perfect for couples who love a touch of mysteriousness and glamour.
  6. Relaxed Beach Vibes: Those who find their happy place at the beach have probably dreamt of tying the knot with the sea lapping at their feet. Choose a beach location for the ceremony and decorate your reception venue with shells and driftwood. Encourage your guests to come in relaxed and flowy clothing.
  7. Movie Magic: Do you and your partner share a love for the same movie? Pick your favourite and make it your wedding theme. Whether it’s Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, decorate your venue with props that remind you and your guests of your chosen film.
  8. Bookworm: Instead of movies, you and your partner may bond over your love for books. Choose your favourite books, or books that remind you of each other, and use them as your theme. Decorate the venue with vintage hardbacks and your favourite quotes. To take it to the next level, encourage your guests to come dressed as book characters.
  9. Disney Dream: Curate your dream Disney fairytale wedding. Choose your favourite Disney movie and accesorise the venue accordingly. You could also consider adding elements of your favourite movie into your day for a more personalised effect.
  10. Rustic Elegance: Combine rustic elements with elegant decorations to provide a unique wedding experience. This is perfect for couples who may have differing ways of expressing themselves. Pair exposed wood and natural materials with beautiful chandeliers and crystals to complete the look.

Now, It’s Time To Get Planning!

Your wedding day should be the perfect reflection of you as a couple, as well as your story and your love. Show off your unique personalities by choosing a themed wedding and make memories to last a lifetime. Planning a themed wedding can be tiring, so it’s recommended to hire a wedding planner to assist you. Try to opt for a venue that has wedding planners on hand to help, such as the VR Wedding venues. So go ahead and choose to embrace a theme that resonates with both you and your partner. Happy planning!

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